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Tidings of Joy

This fun new gift will capture the holiday season. A oval festive basket overflows with Monica's gourmet tea cookies, Jordan almonds, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, beef summer sausage, camembert cheese, two gourmet Bellagio cocoas, Picatea brand gourmet teas, two boxes of wheat wafers and rich chocolate stir sticks. Don't forget anyone this Holiday season.

Holiday Cheer

This festive basket includes:

Gourmet coffee
1.9 oz Asst Chocolates
Smooth& Melty holiday petite mints 4 oz
Asst Holiday butter Cookies 6 oz
Holiday Caramel Corn 2 oz
Stone wheat crackers
Festive holiday Santa decoration/ plant pick
       Red holiday wicker tray


Holiday House

This delightful two story snow capped home gift is filled with many details. To name a few; there’s a miniature bow and bell above the door, a pine tree adorned with lights and a happy holidays gift tag. Both top and bottom stories of this gift open and are filled with individually wrapped shortbread almond cookies, holiday toffees, moosely munchies trail mix and a bag of pecans, almonds and pretzels frosted in rich vanilla fudge. This keepsake holiday house will be cherished even after the treats inside are eaten.

Holiday Cheer #597
This festive collection delivers a satisfying variety of flavors, ideal for holiday gift giving. With hazelnut shortbread cookies, sesame crackers, zesty cheddar cheese spread and cheese knife, cranberry apple holiday tea, Ghirardelli milk chocolate and Citrus Sunset dark chocolate with orange and caramel crunch, butter cookies, Italian tiramisu chocolate, Ghirardelli peppermint bark - a blend of white and dark chocolate with peppermint packaged for the holidays and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Sleigh Surprise
This delightfully detailed sleigh is filled with Ghirardelli holiday favorites. Ghirardelli peppermint bark - a blend of dark and white chocolate with peppermint crunch, mint chocolate, Twilight Delight dark chocolate, rich and creamy double chocolate hot cocoa, Citrus Sunset dark chocolate with orange and caramel crunch, milk chocolate drops in a Ghirardelli tin and Ghirardelli mint chocolate coffee are carefully packed and ready for delivery. The enchanting sleigh will be used as a holiday decoration for many years to come.

Happy Holidays
An assortment of sweet and savory fare designed with the holidays in mind fills this festive basket. Ghirardelli Citrus Sunset dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate and Twilight Delight dark chocolate, cinnamon cashews, cranberry apple holiday tea, mozzarella cheese swirls, candy cane and cashew roca, white chocolate dipped marshmallow stick, sesame crackers, cheddar cheese spread, maple toffee, hazelnut chocolate, cheddar cheese snacks and more make this cordial gift the perfect way to create a great impression around the holidays.

Gift Baskets A Plenty